bags the hottest accessory

Dress up to go out today and chances are with your shoes and jacket, you’ll be grabbing a bag of sorts, be it a tote, purse, gym bag or laptop bag. In fact, it is impossible to envision the modern day man or woman without a bag of some kind. Even children are leaning the importance of carrying a bag - on a long car trip, to school and even to the library or store.
But the bag is so much more than just a means to carry money, a cell phone, keys and assorted items in it. It is a fashion statement, which says - this is who I am, and this is my style. By her teens, a girl would have accumulated at least 5 different kinds of bags, more if she loves to dress up. Similarly, teenage boys will generally have a case to carry their laptop and schoolbooks in, and a messenger bag or backpack for the rest of their activities.
A few generations ago, bags were not about fashion but more about practicality. They were used to accommodate a wallet, makeup and car keys. Cell phones were nonexistent and no one could conceive of the need for extra padded protection to secure a laptop. It was also inconceivable to change a purse everyday- fashionable purses were left as part of evening wear.
It was only in the 1950’s that bags and handbags in particular began to make a fashion statement, as celebrities and film stars in particular began carrying them as accessories. Beautiful, elegant bags from design houses like Chanel, Luis Vuitton and Hermes were introduced and suddenly, everyone wanted a designer bag. These bags were often unaffordable to the masses, making them an even more sought after commodity.
Over the years, technology and design innovation has meant that bags now come in a variety of shapes, styles, material and even price tags. Think faux fur, faux reptile skin, recycled plastic bottles, leather, and even waterproof canvas. Along with it, embellishments and accessories have become part of the new look. And the fake bag, which was mass-produced, offered brand name replicas at street prices.